RC-135S Combat Sent w/ CFM Engines Model Aircraft


RC-135S Combat Sent w/ CFM Engines Model Aircraft

RC-135S Combat Sent w/ CFM Engines Model Aircraft 

Wood Desktop Display Model

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RC-135S Combat Sent w/ CFM Engines Model Plane

These model airplanes are carved from solid mahogany and many hours are spent adding the details that make these model planes the finest replicas available anyhwere!

This high quality wooden aircraft model is built by master craftsman. These plane models are for the most exclusive collectors and will highlight any airplane model collection. Now you can own one of these fine airplane models at an affordable price. This model airplane comes with it's own stand and a commanding brass plaque with a description of the model aircraft and it's duties.

One cannot imagine the skill necessary to provide the details that you see on these limited production desktop display model airplanes. The intricate details of the fusealage, wings and call signs are what makes our model airplanes museum quality replicas.

These fine Military Model Aircraft list price is over $250.00! Take advantage of our low pricing and Get one now! Inventory won't last long at these prices! This model airplane comes with it's own stand and a commanding brass plaque with a description of the model aircraft and it's duties.

Picture this amazing model plane on display in your office or den! Your friends will be in awe of the quality and detail. These model planes are not toys but can be admired by all.

The Boeing RC-135 is a large family of reconnaissance aircraft used by the United States Air Force to support theater and national level intelligence consumers with near real-time on-scene collection, analysis and dissemination capabilities.

Wingspan: 12.25"
Length: 11.25"


The aircraft is an extensively modified C-135 with on-board sensors which enable the crew to detect, identify and geolocate signals throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. The crew can then forward information in a variety of formats to a wide range of consumers via the onboard secure communications suite.

In 2005, the RC-135 fleet completed a series of significant airframe, navigational and power-plant upgrades which include re-engining from the Pratt & Whitney TF-33 to the CFM International CFM-56 (F-108) engines used on the KC-135R and T Stratotanker and upgrade of the flight deck instrumentation and navigational systems to the AMP standard. The AMP standard includes conversion from analog readouts to a digital "glass cockpit" configuration.

The current RC-135 fleet is the latest iteration of modifications to this pool of aircraft going back to the early 1960s. Initially employed by Strategic Air Command for reconnaissance, the RC-135 fleet has also participated in every armed conflict involving U.S. assets during its tenure. RC-135s supported operations in Vietnam, the Mediterranean for Operation El Dorado Canyon, Grenada for Operation Urgent Fury, Panama for Operation Just Cause, the Balkans for Operations Deliberate Force and Allied Force, and Southwest Asia for Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. RC-135s have maintained a constant presence in Southwest Asia since the early 1990s.

All RC-135s were originally operated by Strategic Air Command. Since 1992 they have been assigned to Air Combat Command. The RC-135 fleet is permanently based at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska and operated by the 55th Wing, using forward operating locations worldwide. The 55th Wing operates 22 platforms in three variants: three Cobra Ball, two Combat Sent, and 17 Rivet Joint.

The British Ministry of Defence has applied to the United States Government to purchase 3 RC-135V/W for the Royal Air Force, as replacements for the Nimrod R1 aircraft which are nearing the end of their operational life. On 22 March 2010, the British Ministry of Defence announced that it had reached agreement with the US Government on 19 March 2010 to purchase 3 Rivet Joint aircraft along with associated ground systems to replace the Nimrod R1 which is due to be retired in March 2011.

This and every one of our mahogany wood display model planes are classified as the finest licensed products anywhere! Over thirty five years of building wood desktop models shows in our work. Each of our handcrafted models takes many hours to add the detail and weapons that these wood arplane models display. The paint is as realistic as it can be for the size! You will note that the call signs and insignias are painted by hand.

Our wood airplane models are covered with foam and packed well in order to avoid damage during shipping.

Don't wait! Get yours now before this limited production wood desktop models plane has disappeared forever!


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