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There are a lot of different types of model airplanes available for purchase, how do you know which one to choose? I am Bob Winfrey and I have studied the art of collecting Airplane models from the inside for many years. I have to say that it can be very addicting. Once you buy your first aircraft model you definitely can't have just one. My house looks like an airport, there are different models of cars, planes, ships, sailboats you name it, it is on display at my house. I don't know exactly when the bug bit me, but I am most definitely addicted to the hobby of collecting desktop models.

There are thousands of different types of wood models out there to purchase but you have to decide if you want a static display model or a model plane that flies. I used to fly my model planes but the disappointment that come with burying the nose in the ground and destroying all my hard work kind of broke me of wanting to fly my work around the back yard. My first model airplane was constructed totally from scratch and was my own design and the prop actually was pointed towards the inside of the tether circle. This turned out to be a fatal flaw! My model Aircraft when tested flew great at my home. But when we attended a local meet for flying model aircraft at the local hobby shop a flight of our model plane almost ended in the plane chasing us inside the tether! I took the model home in extreme disappointment and cut the fuselage off and remounted the engine in the correct position. The next time it flew (after many hours of work and rework) Things went great till the little model plane ran out of fuel and at what seemed like forever of spinning around in a circle with that tether in my hand, it trenched itself nose first into the ground and self destructed. Almost like a kamikaze in World War II. There was no fire but I can tell you after the nausea subsided from spinning in a circle for the length of the fuel run, I really was dizzy enough to lose my lunch. I went to the whole in the ground and found that my motor and my complete aircraft model was un recognizable! It even broke the motor and bent the prop! I could not salvage one good piece! I was only twelve years old but that experience lasted a very long time!

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I am older now and enjoy looking at the plane models on their display stands in their beauty a lot more than digging them out of the ground in pieces! I decided a few years ago that I would like to share these magnificent hand crafted model aircraft with the world and started my two web sites that I have now. We my wife and I, have worked hard and searched the world over to find the highest quality hand crafted display models available anywhere. We currently have a huge sale running and all of our wood display models are marked down up to 50% off of their list price. If you have the bug that I have, come in take a look around and you will be amazed by what you see. We also sell some of the finest hand crafted model ships, sail boats, model speed boats and many other types of nautical models. Check out our Airplane models If you have the inclination there are many different ship and boat models at that you can assemble yourself. Test your skills and see if you can build one of these high quality models!

I have purchased many of my models online and I have found that the best wood aircraft models are available at Fast Free shipping on all Airplane models, aircraft models, model kits for adults, wood display models, wood desktop model, sailboat model, sailboat models, hand crafted models, jet airplane model and model ship kits.

Check them out Free Shipping and hand made wood desktop airplane models, jet models and ship models. They ship anywhere in the world!

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